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  • Final Chelsea‘s Kicks in the Premier League

    2016-05-11 16:55

    The last week of the best English League has arrived – and boy, is it shaping up to be a proper fun one. We‘ve already crowned the champions, the Top 4 is probably going to stay more or less the same, but that doesn‘t mean there‘s going to be a lack of exciting fixtures. Chelsea‘s got a pretty brilliant fixture tonight, so let‘s take a look at that!

  • Week 36 of Premier League: Time for Leicester to Take the Title?

    2016-04-29 20:13

    If sometimes the match week can look a bit dull, there’s none of that this time around. Leicester City vs Man United clash is going to have everyone’s attention, because the Foxes only need three points to secure the title. Another important game is the Tottenham v Chelsea, considering that the Spurs are the only team that can still – mathematically – catch up.

  • Come on You Spurs: The Title Chase Edition

    2016-04-23 18:08

    The last time that Tottenham won the Premier League was a while back – in fact, it was pretty much ages ago, in the season of 60/61. With just four games left to play, the Spurs are excruciatingly close to the title once again, and they have been the second-in-line for 10 consecutive weeks now. But can they top Leicester City? Let‘s take a look at their chances.

  • Clash of Liverpool

    2016-04-19 18:39

    There‘s nothing like a good rivalry match to make Premier League even more interesting – and the flavour of the week is the upcoming Liverpool derby. Ever since the Reds had that amazing QF game against Dortmund everyone‘s been keen to see more: and the game against Everton is exactly the right opportunity for that.

  • The Stakes Are Getting Higher: Premier League Edition

    2016-04-15 18:36

    It‘s a brilliant time to be a football fan – there‘s so many exciting matches to watch! Man City and Liverpool proved that English teams can do really well internationally, too, and this excitement that they inspired may just seep through to the Premier League. This week, the Sky Blues are playing against Chelsea, and the Foxes will take on the Hammers – so let’s take a look!

  • Revenge Time: Premier League Week 33

    2016-04-08 18:09

    With only a handful of weeks left to play, we‘ve already seen many second-try games, but these ones are going to be extra good. There are two pairings that have both met in pretty passionate first fixtures of the Premier League, and this weekend, they will be hungry for blood. It‘s time for some brilliant revenge football!

  • Let’s Get Title Chasing: Leicester City v Tottenham

    2016-04-01 19:47

    Right, so it’s Week 32 at the Premier League, and there’s a proper exciting battle going on! While Leicester and Tottenham aren’t set to play this week and have already had their two fixtures, their fight is the title chase. The Foxes have been #1 for 10 consecutive weeks, and they are guaranteed to stay there for another week, and the Spurs have been in the second place for seven weeks. So let’s look what challenges lie ahead for them!

  • Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

    2016-03-25 15:38

    Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

    Even though the English teams are mostly miserable internationally this season, Premier League did retain four UEFA Champions League slots for 17/18. That means there are still three places in the group stage and one in the qualifiers to fight for, and fight the teams will. Let‘s take a look at our potential Top 4!

  • Derby Time at the Premier League

    2016-03-20 12:29

    Derby Time at the Premier League

    It‘s a good week in the Premier League! If sometimes the fixtures can be a bit lacklustre, it’s the exact opposite this time around and there really are a lot of matches absolutely worth tuning in to. However, the most interesting bit is going to be the derbies – so let’s take a look at the Manchester match, and the Newcastle v Sunderland game.

  • Can the Leaders Change after the North London Derby?

    2016-03-04 17:38

    Can the Leaders Change after the North London Derby?

    With the end of the season already almost visible everyone has gotten accustomed to the changes and neither Leicester in lead nor Chelsea out of the title chase doesn‘t seem all that strange anymore. And this week, there is a different kind of storm brewing: the North London derby will see bloodthirsty Tottenham and Arsenal clashing on Saturday.