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Burning Red England: Liverpool vs Man United

2016-10-14 12:10

There‘s still a very long way to the season 16/17 crown at the Premier League, but one thing‘s already clear: there are quite a few teams who look more than ready to give each other hell for the rest of this run. One of them is Liverpool, snug in the fourth place, and they are meeting none other than Man United this week.

According to the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet, Klopp‘s squad is very ready for victory against the Red Devils. Last year, their first meet ended in 2:0 with Man United losing, but the second match was a single-goal draw. However, this time around Liverpool is looking even stronger, and their contenders haven‘t been all that menacing and are hanging around in the 6th spot.

Meanwhile the Reds have been having a near-flawless season, what with their single loss so far in Premier League - inexplicably, against Burnley FC of all opponents. Granted, they did draw Tottenham, but they also sport victories against Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester. This time around, Liverpool impress against weaker contenders as well which the 5:1 game against Hull City pictured rather clearly.

Their one weakness remains the fact that they struggle in defence at times. Even if Liverpool’s attack is pretty admirable and they managed to score no less than 18 goals in just seven Premier League matches, the same team allowed these same opponents to score 10 times. While these numbers look better if you add Football League Cup (26 goals in 9 games scored and 10 goals in 9 games allowed), it’s pretty clear that this is where you can get the Reds.

Man United have a tighter schedule, as they also play in Europa League as well as the two that Liverpool is also taking part in. When you add in the Community Shield game, their total match count of the season comes in at 11, where they have scored 19 goals and allowed 11. While they do have a better grasp at preventing their contenders from clocking in a few, they also fail to attack as well as their upcoming opponent does.

Now the Red Devils have been doing fine so far in Premier League, and even though they did lose to Man City and Watford, they also managed to score a few nice wins. However, it’s notable that they are yet to play most of the leading teams of this season, so this game against Liverpool should be a nice barometer and could tell whether they are capable of taking on bigger challenges.

As of now, it really looks like Liverpool is more likely to add three more points to their Premier League count. However, Man United really isn’t the kind of team that cannot prepare for a difficult game, so they are sure to give their opponents a good run for it. This is one of the matches that will tell quite a bit about how well prepared for the gruelling season both of these teams are – so make sure not to miss it!