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Can the Magic Happen again: Leicester vs Arsenal

2016-08-19 20:22

It feels like we just got off the wild ride that was the previous season – and here we are at it again, except this time everyone‘s watching Leicester. Back then they crushed Arsenal‘s dreams of triumphing in the League, and now they‘re going to go heads out to see who‘s better this time around. It‘s safe to assume that this should be nothing short of brilliant.

In the season of 15/16 there were only two teams who managed to beat the Foxes – Liverpool and Arsenal. Well, the Gunners were the only ones who did it during both meets with rather impressive 5:2 and 2:1 results. Could Arsenal prove to be this consistently good once again? Their last week‘s meet with Liverpool didn‘t exactly portray the most positive picture, but then again, it‘s just a single game.

And in all honesty, it‘s not like Leicester were amazing, either. They lost the opening game to the newly promoted Hull City, and even though that is definitely not the end of their potential, it makes for a rather uninspiring comparison ground. On the other hand, the team managed to keep both Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez – so the Foxes picking up where they left off at isn‘t really too outrageous of an idea.

Now Wenger had decided to rest Laurent Koscielny, Mesut Ozil, and Olivier Giroud for the opening game, but the odds are high we’re going to see them play in the meet with Leicester City. It’s pretty imperative that the Gunners win – the Foxes hadn’t managed to score a victory in 19 consecutive games, which is definitely an impressive record that Arsenal would like to keep.

According to the TonyBet bookies, the Foxes may very well continue with a 20th in-a-row victory-less game. The odds for the defending champions winning this meet are at 39/20, while Arsenal got 3/2 – and even though that difference may not be monumental, the game will definitely be something grand. Let’s tune in and see the lads run!