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1st Time‘s the Charm: Arsenal vs Liverpool

2016-08-12 20:26

It seems like the season of 15/16 was just here – needless to say, nobody has fully recovered from the rollercoaster that it was just yet. And now we‘ve got a fresh Premier League run ready to go with some pretty brilliant matches on the very opening week! Arsene’s lads are going to face Klopp’s squad, so that should be interesting to say the very least.

The vice-champions had an impossible-to-forget 1st game last year and now they have to start off with a game against Liverpool who have just defeated none other than Barcelona in a friendly match. However, Arsenal did manage a solid 3:2 victory against Man City but it wasn’t all that pretty – Gabriel suffered a pretty horrifying injury, and he’s expected to be out for six to eight weeks.

It looks like the Gunners are kicking it off with a bang – not because they look so brilliant, but simply because they’ve managed to land an injury crisis before the Premier League season has had a chance to start. Per Mertesacker is still on the bench, Jack Wilshere as well, and Danny Wellback, too. Laurent Koscielny is resting after France’s run to Euro 2016 – and all that combined makes for a pretty big hole in Arsenal’s defence.

Will the other footballers take this opportunity to shine? Well, the TonyBet bookies certainly think so: the odds for an opening Gunners win are at 133/100, while Liverpool got a bit more modest 2/1. It’s not all that improbable, considering that Daniel Sturridge is probably going to sit this one out – but then Klopp pretty much dealt with injury crisis for the entirety of the season and still made it out with more than a few promising victories.

Last year Arsenal and Liverpool played each other twice – and drew both times. The first ended in 0:0, however, the second game was a real nerve-wrecker: both teams managed to score 3 goals. However, the Gunners seem to be in a bit of bad shape with all these injuries, and nobody’s really excited about their new signings, so the outcome this time around may be very different.

It’s just the first week of the season, and it already looks like it’s going to be very interesting indeed. Leicester’s incredible triumph last year solidified the fact that anyone can win, really, and both Arsenal and Liverpool are exactly the teams that crave this trophy dearly. There’s no better time to start fighting than now – so let’s see the lads run.